iPlaza ( International Communication Plaza )

Completed Events 2018

October 25 Thu.

Halloween Party



E-SUP students prepared special games, "Hed Banz" and "Mummy Making" for the Halloween party. They made a new "Halloween Hed Banz" set, which included both Japanese and Western monsters cards. Players enjoyed exchanging information about monsters as they described the cards. Most of the participants were dressed in Halloween costumes. They chose a best-costume for "Costume Contest" at the end of the party.

• The Number of Participants (34)

October 12 Fri.

Report Meeting on Summer Program

TTI offers a Summer Program that allows students to join a program at TTI's collaborative universities. This year, two students had the opportunity to study in National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. The students made a presentation on what they had experienced during their stay in Taiwan.

• The Number of Participants (20)

October 8 Mon.

Presentation Contest



Seven students applied for our 10th presentation contest. Hiroyuki Kojima won the first prize of the free speech section with his speech "Quantum Computer". The first prize winner of the research section was Hirotaka Tada, under the title of "Development of Resonant Sound Absorbers Using Helmholtz Resonators with Honeycomb Core by Numerical Analysis".

• The Number of Participants (25)

October 8,9 Mon., Tue..

Report Meeting on Study Abroad Program for Master's Course Students

Five master's course students talked about their research work and life in a foreign country in English. The universities and institutions they visited included Brno University of Technology, Central European Institute of Technology(Czech Republic), Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), University of Notre Dame(U.S.), The University of New South Wales, Canberra (Australia) and Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing(Germany).

• The Number of Participants (56)

August 23-29 Thu. - Wed..

Summer Seminar



We invited seven students, and they were from National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), Chiang Mai University (Thailand), and Chulalongkorn University (Thailand). TTI students supported their stay as "Buddies", spending a week in the same dormitory and visiting famous places in Nagoya. Students introduced their home country's culture to each other and became good friends. International students also experienced new experiments in TTI lab.

• The Number of Participants (23)

July 5 Thu.

Discover a New Culture Day



Our first "Discover a New Culture Day"(DNCD) was held with participants from various countries. Eight speakers talked about "Unusual Filipino Culture and Tradition" (the Philippines), "Kaki -Japanese Persimmon" (Japan), "The Popular Wedding Style" (Sri Lanka), "Houjicha: Roasted Green Tea" (Japan), "The "Hò" in spiritual and working life of the people in the South of Vietnam" (Vietnam), "Stand Food in Japan" (Japan), "India - an amalgamation of diverse cultures" (India), and "Singing the Blues"(USA).

• The Number of Participants (20)

June 10 Sun.

Excursion to Magome -Soba Noodle Making-



As tour guides, E-SUP students explained about the post town of Magome and how to make soba. Everyone enjoyed learning how to make soba for the first time. Before tasting their soba, E-SUP students introduced the Japanese custom of saying "Itadakimasu and "Gochisosama". In the afternoon, we visited Magome. The walk in a misty rain in the old town was so beautiful.

• The Number of Participants (35)

May 10 Thu.

English Night



English Night was iPlaza's first event this year, where participants could play games and chat in English.
E-SUP students became dealers of games and explained the rules to participants.
At first, E-SUP students were nervous because this was the first time for them to speak in English in front of many people. However, thanks to the participants' friendly attitude listening to their explanation carefully, E-SUP students felt relaxed and finally enjoyed talking with international students.
The game dealers were glad to see that everyone had a good time communicating with many people in English.

• The Number of Participants (51)

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